The 2-20 Family of Companies are dedicated to unsurpassed service levels, personal attention and innovative technology.

We provide proprietary Smart Storage Solutions® that allow each client to manage their information in a value driven, smart and efficient way. If you do not see your location listed please contact the 2-20 Family of Companies at,, as we have the ability to service throughout the nation.

Arizona: Arizona Records Storage Center, LLC

Arizona Records Storage Center is a member of the 2-20 family of companies providing Smart Storage Solutions® throughout the state of Arizona with its state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix. Founded in 1994, Arizona Records Storage Center’s client retention is unmatched in an industry where client defection has become routine. Arizona Record Storage Center focuses on the immediate needs of each client and tailors a Smart Storage Solutions® around their specific needs. Arizona Records Storage Center maintains the same dedication to excellence in customer service as it did at inception in the 1990’s. Yet today a level of sophistication has been added that comes with emerging technologies and improved service efficiencies.

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Florida: Certified Records Management, LLC (CRM)

Certified Records Management (CRM) is the leading provider of Document and Information Management Services throughout Florida since 1999. Certified Records Management’s facilities, services, procedures, software and leading edge technologies guarantee that clients receive superior service at competitive rates. Certified Records Management’s proven systems and dedicated professionals have reduced the costs associated with managing, storing and retrieving records for many Florida businesses. Certified Records Management’s Smart Storage Solutions® provide total document life cycle management, from creation through destruction. With the addition of its sustainable, disaster resistant, durable and FEMA Complaint Smart Dome, Certified Records Management is now home to the safest vault in Florida for all of your data protection needs.

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California: Storetrieve, LLC

Storetrieve, LLC Established in 1987, Storetrieve stores, retrieves, delivers, images, destroys, and manages hard-copy and electronic business records for clients throughout the Southern California marketplace. Founded when the record storage industry was in its infancy, Storetrieve was determined to save companies from poor service and warehouse type storage facilities. Storetrieve’s mission was to be an innovator of technology, service, and value. Storetrieve is proud to say that its customer base has been committed to Storetrieve as can be reflected in both its high client retention and satisfaction rates reflect in our annual survey. Storetrieve focuses on the immediate needs of each client and tailors an individual Smart Storage Solutions® that makes smart business and financial sense. While the world struggles with compliance and other records management issues, Storetrieve clients continue to enjoy records management as a low stress, cost effective, risk adverse requirement. Storetrieve is still as dedicated today to customer service as it was in the 1980s. Yet today, as a member of the 2-20 family of companies, we add a level of sophistication, that comes with emerging technologies, improved service efficiencies and the benefits of Smart Storage Solutions®.

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New York Metro Area: InfoStore Records Management, LLC

InfoStore Records Management (InfoStore) is a proud member of the 2-20 family of companies providing Smart Storage Solutions® throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Since 1993 Infostore has been servicing the business community and helping companies manage their documents. In that time we have serviced hundreds of customers offering turn-key solutions for their document management needs. Whether it is long term Document Storage, Scanning/Copying, On-line Hosting, or a combination, InfoStore builds solutions of value and service based upon each client’s unique needs. As a member of the 2-20 Family of Companies, InfoStore has expanded its service offerings in order to provide the complete suite of Smart Storage Solutions® that include: Document Storage, Digital Solutions, Data Protection and Secure Destruction. InfoStore is proud of its long-term relationships with its clients. Over the past 15 years InfoStore has been fortunate to have worked and continue to work with some of the most dynamic and successful businesses in the Northeast.

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IWC Media Services

IWC Media Services is a proud member of the 2-20 family of companies providing Media Archival Solutions to the entertainment, film and advertising industries. With 50,000 square feet of climate controlled, secure storage at our centrally located New York and New Jersey locations, we can handle projects large or small. Our state-of-the-art online inventory management system gives you access to the location of your archived media at any time. Our skillful and seasoned team with over 35 years of experience can develop and implement a unique storage strategy for even the most complex needs.

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