Storetrieve is a member of the 2-20 family of companies providing Smart Storage Solutions® throughout California.

2-20 Family of Companies Storetrieve

Established in 1987, Storetrieve stores, retrieves, delivers, images, destroys, and manages hard-copy and electronic business records for clients in the Southern California marketplace. Founded in the late 1980’s, when the record storage industry was in its infancy, Storetrieve was determined to save companies from poor service and storage facilities. Storetrieve’s mission was to be an innovator of technology, service, and value.

In 1995, Storetrieve moved its original Commerce location to its current headquarters in Montebello, California. Continued growth was fueled by high-quality personal service. Investments in infrastructure and technology, as well as, an unrelenting commitment to provide peace of mind, ensured Storetrieve delivered on its promises of exceptional service levels. Storetrieve has continued its growth with an additional records center in Rancho Cucamonga. This new location widens Storetrieve’s service radius in the California market.

Storetrieve’s client retention is unmatched in an industry where client defection has been routine. Storetrieve focuses on the immediate needs of each client. Storetrieve tailors its solutions around the needs of each client and provides them with an individual Smart Storage Solutions® that makes smart business and financial sense. While the world struggles with compliance and other records management issues, Storetrieve clients continue to enjoy records management as a low stress, cost effective, risk adverse requirement.

Storetrieve is as dedicated to customer service in the local markets as it was in the 1980s. Yet today, we add a level of sophistication comes with emerging technologies and improved service efficiencies. Storetrieve is a member of the 2-20 family of companies to assist in providing cutting edge services, marketing, and a national presence to compete with our largest competitors.

The 2-20 Family of Companies provides a new standard in the information management industry. Benefits include best in class providers, a national presence, services delivered by locally operated companies dedicated to knowing your organization and serving your individual needs.

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