This Management Team at 2-20 brings together the best of breed of RIM professionals.

This Management Team at 2-20 brings together the best of breed of RIM professionals. The majority of the team have worked together in the past creating a unique business synergy. Cohesive in beliefs, mission and core values, the 2-20 Management Team is dedicated to providing a customer experience not found by any other company or group of companies in the RIM Industry today. The 2-20 Management Team represents a brain trust that has come together to provide marketing, sales, operations, human resources and management excellence to support the 2-20 family of companies in their local markets nationwide.

Doug Mann
Chief Executive Officer

Doug Mann joined 2-20 Records Management as a board member in June of 2016 and became CEO on Oct 4th 2016. In his role, Doug will focus on driving success through both organic and acquisition related growth with emphasis on delivering our suite of Smart Storage Solutions®. Our Smart Storage Solutions® are designed to guarantee 100% compliance, risk avoidance and material savings for our clients.

Doug has over 30 years of experience leading technology enabled business services companies, in sales, sales management, operations and executive leadership positions. He has been CEO of 4 different private equity owned businesses, General Manager of a $1.3 Billion marketing supply chain company as well as CEO of Cornerstone Records Management.

Doug married his college sweetheart of 33 years and has 5 adult children.

Christopher Hann
Chief Financial Officer

Chris Hann is the Chief Financial Officer for 2-20. He brings more than 20 years of accounting expertise in budgeting and forecasting, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and sales, management reporting and measuring key performance indicators. Prior to joining 2-20, Chris was most recently Director of Finance for Direct Energy Solar. Prior to Energy Solar, Chris was Senior VP of Finance for Cornerstone Records Management.

In his current role at 2-20 Records Management his primary responsibilities include leading all of 2-20’s financial operations and overseeing the company’s mergers, acquisitions and integrations.

Heather Seward
SVP of Operations

Heather has the unique advantage of growing up in the records management business, working for her very successful family business in all functional areas including sales, operations, finance and human resources.  Heather went on to perfect her skills working for Cornerstone Record Management as VP of Operations and later for another very large records management competitor.

At 2-20 Heather is responsible for driving performance, continuous improvement, operational mastery and organizational discipline at all levels of the company—with the ultimate goal of providing customers with more efficient Smart Storage Solutions® for managing their information assets.

Heather has extensive experience in implementing operational best practices in all areas of business and is especially skilled at enhancing the customer experience and improving customer service and loyalty.

Rob Ranck
VP Business Development (Acquisitions)

Rob joined 2-20 in August of 2018 with tremendous industry experience, working for a major competitor as the Director of New Business Development.

At 2-20 Records Management, Rob works closely with CEO Doug Mann and the acquisitions team to optimize the acquisition pipeline, building strong relationships with prospective sellers and closing sale transactions that meet and exceed our prospective sellers’ expectations.

Rob is known throughout the industry as a very credible, experienced and successful new business executive.