At the 2-20 Family of Companies we understand that Architectural Drawings are the foundation of any Architectural Firm; they are the intellectual property. The 2-20 Family of Companies can help you with records management that maintains and protects these key assets and a data protection plan that provides complete business continuity should a service interruption occur.

Record Storage
With the 2-20 Family of Companies we will provide several storage choices for your drawings, plans and business documents. You can decide the optimal environment necessary for your information. Your firm may determine you require a climate controlled environment, in which case our vault storage is ideal. With temperature and humidity controls monitored by high and low alarms, you invest in the longevity and preservation of your critical documents. In other cases our Records Center storage proves to be a cost effective alternative. Regardless of your needs, the 2-20 Family of Companies has an information management solution for your firm.

File Indexing
The 2-20 Family of Companies’ indexing and filing can provide you with immediate access down to a single drawing. You have the option to index your information by client, project, architect or any combination of information. Then, from your desktop, via the web, request the specific box, file or page that you desire.

Data Protection
Many firms are moving both their business critical information and vital documents off-site for complete disaster recovery and business continuance. Let the 2-20 Family of Companies become a key part of your data protection program.

There is the need for collaboration in many stages of the building and construction phases of any project. The 2-20 Family of Companies will image as much or as little information as you require and store it in our On-line Repository. You have access to your information 24/7 with any internet connection.

Model Storage
With CAD drawings and large scale models, we know that your physical storage needs differ. The 2-20 Family of Companies will provide the storage space to ensure your materials are completely protected saving your costly office space for revenue generating functions.

At the 2-20 Family of Companies we understand the needs of Architecture Firms. Our RIM technology ensures that we manage your information putting the data in your hands when you need it and destroying the information when time retention date allows. Pick up, delivery, data protection, digitals, destruction or a hybrid of many solutions, regardless of your needs, the 2-20 Family of Companies will tailor a program for you. We understand your business and make it our business to manage your information with care and without error. We can manage your documents in the box, file down to the page. The 2-20 Family of Companies’ Smart Storage Solutions® allow you to receive the exact solution to protect your information and your business.