Enterprise size companies have needs and challenges that extend across networks, time zones and geographic locations.  Managing information transcends paper into data, email, destruction and complex compliance issues all with the potential of true business risk if not managed properly.  The 2-20 Family of Companies mitigates risk and helps your Enterprise work as a unit from local offices to Corporate Management.  The 2-20 Family of Companies will execute your information management business strategy and/or help build a full cost effective system to insure your RIM program works efficiently, effectively and risk free.

Access to the 2-20 Family of Companies
The 2-20’s family of companies are located throughout the United States.  The mission of the 2-20 Family of Companies is to provide  local support with national backing and systems in their local markets.  As an Enterprise business, we can handle your needs uniformly across the country.  Each of your locations, from local offices to your Corporate Headquarters will call and be serviced by a team in that area, dedicated to the immediate needs of each local market.  This hybrid approach to RIM, insures that you don’t call into a central 800 number miles from the location.  You will always work locally with the 2-20 Family of Companies specialists who will know you by name and address your personal needs.  This is the the 2-20 Family of Companies difference.

SmartWeb Provides Anytime, Anywhere Access
Through the 2-20 Family of Companies’s SmartWeb you can unite all of your documents whether in New York or Tokyo, anytime, from anywhere.  Away on business and need to access a document?  An internet connection and the 2-20 Family of Companies’s SmartWeb is all you need to access your the 2-20 Family of Companies on-line repository.    Login into our secure system and view any document you need, 24/7/365.  With the 2-20 Family of Companies you will always have your information at your fingertips.

Workflow Management
The 2-20 Family of Companies will help you assess work-flow patterns, looking for interdepartmental repetition in creating documents.  We can assist you in streamlining  workflow and developing smart, cost efficient systems to control all your records throughout.  We will create a true document life-cycle management.   A combination plan for paper documents and electronic records, that from creation of a document, envisions its protection, storage, recovery and eventual destruction.

Electronic Records Management
While more and more companies are trending towards electronic data storage, businesses automatically transition to the digital world.  The 2-20 Family of Companies can develop a  sophisticated plan to do this through File Data Conversion of paper documents to electronic or a cost effective Scan on Demand approach.  In addition we can host existing electronic data through our On-Line Record Repository.  Demands vary from company to company.  At the 2-20 Family of Companies we  work with your Enterprise to find the Electronic Plan that fits your complex needs.

Smart Storage Solutions®
At the 2-20 Family of Companies, Smart Storage Solutions® are tailored to your needs and budget.  The management, protection, storage and eventual destruction of your companies sensitive and valuable information – paper or electronic data – is our utmost concern.

The 2-20 Family of Companies Records Management will develop an information management strategy that is specifically geared towards your Enterprise and provides you with cost efficiency, if not reduction, and maintains industry regulatory compliance.