2-20 provides state-of-the-art storage services and solutions for your media archival needs. From storage to film preservation to complex cataloging, we can meet your project and budgetary needs. Call us at 1-800-287-7101.

Media Storage

2-20 provides comprehensive media storage for the preservation of your film, video, audio and data assets. With 50,000 square feet of climate controlled, secure storage at our centrally located New York and New Jersey locations, we can handle projects large or small. Our state-of-the-art online inventory management system gives you access to the location of your archived media at any time. Our skillful and seasoned team with over 35 years of experience can develop and implement a unique storage strategy for even the most complex needs.

Transfer, digitization & backup of legacy film, video, audio & data elements

2-20 provides the conversion of legacy media elements to digital formats, guaranteeing that the original quality of your media stays fully intact. Our team advises clients on the best transfer method for content type and budget. If any media elements require cleaning or restoration, we’ll make a recommendation for the ideal solution for your needs. After digitization, the original assets are stored in a climate controlled, secure location where they’re given a unique ID and barcode that enable real-time tracking. The digital files are then stored onsite and available to users via a secure online system.

Transfer/digitization of microfilm/microfiche

At 2-20, the process we utilize for the digitization of microfilm and microfiche maintains the original quality of your assets and outputs an accessible format based on your needs. Our team scans the microfilm and microfiche individually so that each document can be cataloged and indexed. This technique gives the user the ability to utilize individual elements of the archived media. After the successful transfer to digital, the original assets are stored in a climate controlled, secure location where they are given a unique ID and barcode. Clients can then access digital files securely online or the physical originals from one of our New York or New Jersey locations.  

On-site/off-site cataloging

Our team at 2-20 provides organizational structure and filing for complex records, media and document management. With over 35 years of experience managing materials for global entertainment brands, we’ve created a rigorous process that produces catalogued files on-site or off that are then ready for storage. 2-20 can also aid in the creation of a formal Document Retention Policy for clients that can help police the disposal of obsolete materials.

Data storage

2-20 stores client data on a secure, cloud-based platform. Clients can access data quickly through our dedicated connection via unique user ID’s with customized administrative rights. With server redundancy and continual data back-ups, we can safely and securely manage and store your most valuable data.  

Data migration

2-20 can make a seemingly daunting endeavor easy and error free. With a solid strategy in place and our knowledgeable team at the helm, 2-20 can migrate your existing data onto our secure, cloud-based platform quickly and painlessly. Additionally, data can be backed-up onto hard drives (HDD), solid digital drives (SSD), local servers and/or LTO’s for redundancy and safety of critical assets. Once the migration is complete, we will provide you with a detailed index of your inventory which can then be accessed via your online account.

Asset backup services

Through our cloud-based platform, your assets are securely backed up on a daily basis. With the ability to administer user roles, you can give users distinct access to certain files or file types. This level of security eliminates risk and provides our clients with peace of mind when sharing assets with multiple user types. 2-20 creates individual backup service solutions based on client needs.  

Document scanning

2-20 provides a comprehensive document scanning solution for projects large and small. With the ability to scan large volumes and store them digitally within the same facility, we reduce the risk of exposure to your precious documents during transit. Utilizing the most innovative scanning technology, your digital files will be of the highest resolution and quality. Once your files have been scanned, our team will then professionally pack and store your valuable print documents while cataloguing and indexing them for access online and off.

Consulting services:

With one of the most seasoned teams in the industry, our experts provide customized solutions to fit even the most complex media archival need. Whether you require a large media migration or a recommendation for digitization file type, 2-20 will provide you with the right strategy to meet your individual requirements.  

  •   Project management (on-site & off-site)
  •   Archiving, migration & storage strategies
  •   Collection management
  •   Format selection (preservation & access)
  •   Content access & delivery mechanisms
  •   Collection management
  •   Content acquisition
  •   High efficiency processing
  •   Condition assessments
  •   Media assessments
  •   Media migration evaluation

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