A Medical Record contains information so essential and private that storing and managing it demands the utmost care.  Medical records represent lives.  This is why having complete control of every medical record, regardless of format, paper or electronic, is critical.
The 2-20 Family of Companies gives you 100% accessibility to your patient’s charts.  We put patient information in your hands, when you need it, at any time.  We understand the consequences associated with a missing or delayed record.  We make STAT deliveries and will provide Scan on Demand for those records you need in your hands in minutes, not hours. Giving you the medical information you need is our business, excellence in patient care is yours.  Take a look at our Success Stories in Healthcare to see what this can mean in more than just a solution,  but bottom line savings.
More Than Storage, Information Management
More than just storing your records you need the ability to access search and locate information in seconds.    With the 2-20 Family of Companies’s sophisticated records management software, you can track your information in terms you understand.  Do you need to track charts by medical record numbers,  birthdate,  first name/ last name or physician?  You determine the fields and we will customize our software to work the way your practice or hospital works.   You can then search by any of the information you need in terms that make sense to you.
Electronic Medical Records
For those providers and institutions looking for a complete Electronic Medial Record Solution, we can provide a Meaningful Use Certified EMR solution tailored to the needs of your practice.  Legacy file management and file conversions from paper to electronic are also services we provide.  Whatever your needs, we will tailor a Smart Storage Solution® to fit your business and budget.
Storage and Management of Records
The 2-20 Family of Companies’s state-of-the-art facilities meet and exceed all the regulations for safety codes in National, providing the ultimate in protection for your records.  Preservation has three enemies: fire, water and security breaches.  With the latest in fire protection, facilities monitored and alarmed 24/7/365, and built to meet or exceed local fire codes, document safety and security is a business we take seriously.
Chain-of-Custody Tracking
With the 2-20 Family of Companies’s complete chain-of-custody tracking you will know where your information is at every step in the pick up and delivery process.  We can tell you who picked an item up, when, and what time it was received at our records center.  On every delivery, we can tell you who delivered the item, who signed for it, and the date and time of both.  In addition, this information is available on-line through our SmartWeb portal.
Point, click and access your records 24/7/365 with complete security right from your desk-top.  With the 2-20 Family of Companies user-friendly free SmartWeb interface, you can:
• Place Orders
• Run Reports
• Check Item Status – In/Out/PermOut/Destroyed
• Complete Data Entry
• View Invoices
• Search for Item Information and more…
Data Protection
There are many items that require greater protection and increased climate control.  With more and more Healthcare practices moving to EMR the importance of backing up information has become paramount. We offer various climate controlled options for Documents, magnetic media, tapes, cartridges, media, electronic information and more.  The 2-20 Family of Companies also has the expertise to assist you in developing and testing your Disaster Recovery Program. Utilizing the 2-20 Family of Companies’s services, you will be assured rapid disaster response, regardless of the situation.
Destruction and Shredding
The 2-20 Family of Companies’s destruction and shredding services will ensure your document retention schedule is enforced. The destruction of documents is a key element in any information management plan.  The 2-20 Family of Companies will destroy your documents and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction upon completion.
Smart Storage Solutions®
The 2-20 Family of Companies will tailor a program for you  that includes pick up, delivery, data protection, digital services, destruction, or a hybrid of several solutions. We understand your business and make it our business to manage your information with care and accuracy. We can manage your documents at the box, file, and even down to the page level.  The 2-20 Family of Companies’s Smart Storage Solutions® creates the best products and services  to protect your sensitive Healthcare information and your business.