Pharmaceutical Companies have sophisticated retention requirements for everything from Research and Development to Regulatory Requirements.  Records and information management therefore become a business critical priority with Pharmaceutical companies maintaining impressive RIM programs.  At the 2-20 Family of Companies we understand the needs of Pharmaceutical Companies.  Our RIM technology ensures that we manage your information with the sophistication you require.
Record Storage
Drug development and the management of the associated documentation are essential to Pharmaceutical Companies. Drug related law suits have traditionally had multi-million dollar outcomes.  With the 2-20 Family of Companies we will not only store your records in one of our Records Centers, but execute your RIM program to ensure we eliminate risk and maintain 100% compliance.
Record Retention
Documents in the Pharmaceutical arena require lengthy retention periods especially those that pertain to R&D.  The 2-20 Family of Companies will manage your retention schedule within our Records Management software.  We will notify you when records are approaching their destruction date or you can view/edit/manage your retention schedules via a web connection from your desk top.  With written authorization the 2-20 Family of Companies will execute secure shredding and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction upon completion.  The 2-20 Family of Companies manages the life cycle of your documents.
Office Space vs. Storage Space
With the wealth of documents that a Pharmaceutical Company must maintain, moving your information off-site frees up valuable in-house work space for revenue generating activities.  This makes prudent financial sense.
Digital Solutions
Many times your paper storage needs to be supplemented with a digital solution.  Whether it is a single piece of paper or large volumes of files, the 2-20 Family of Companies can help.  We can scan your information and archive it into our On-Line Digital Repository where it is available for access 24/7.
Back File Data Conversions
The 2-20 Family of Companies provides fast paper to electronic file conversion, with complete access to records throughout the process.   Your data is now available via any web connection and retrieved through the 2-20 Family of Companies’s On-line Digital Repository or CDs, and uploaded into your internal systems.
Data Protection
The 2-20 Family of Companies will safeguard your information to make certain that your business is in compliance with client privacy laws.
Smart Storage Solutions®
Pick up, delivery, data protection, digitals, destruction or a hybrid of many solutions, regardless of your needs, the 2-20 Family of Companies will tailor a program for you.  We understand your business and make it our business to manage your information with care and without error.  We can manage your documents on the box, file and page level.  The 2-20 Family of Companies’s Smart Storage Solutions® allow you to receive the exact solution to protect your information and your business.