Off-site and Within Budget
Like any other business enterprise small companies generate and must maintain essential documents, records and sensitive information.  Yet, getting this information protected must fit your bottom line.  The 2-20 Family of Companies provides value added information management at a cost that allows a small business to protect its records while using its capital to help its business grow.
Getting information off-site is critical regardless of size.  This includes employee records, regulatory forms, legal and compliance information and back up of computer data on a secure network. Your business interest is to safeguard this information, have easy access to it when needed and securely destroy it when the retention date arrives.
The 2-20 Family of Companies’s Small Business Smart Storage Solutions®
With the 2-20 Family of Companies’s Smart Storage Solutions® we can reach into our vast toolkit of services and tailor a system of information management that is right and cost effective for your small business.  This includes off-site storage of paper documents – even if it’s only 25 boxes, those 25 boxes need to be protected.  At the 2-20 Family of Companies we want you to know, that regardless your business size, a two person start up, to an enterprise corporation, we will treat you with the same service excellence and personal attention you deserve.
At the 2-20 Family of Companies all records are bar coded with descriptive information captured for easy identification.  We supply the barcodes, you enter the descriptive information.  Now with a listing of your inventory, retrieval of your documents is a phone call or computer click away with any internet connection.  Certified destruction is also provided through the 2-20 Family of Companies’s Secure Shredding service.  Finally, should you have data backup that requires off-site storage the 2-20 Family of Companies can pick up and store your media in one of our climate controlled vaults.  All of these services come at a cost that allows you to reinvest in your business not ours.  The 2-20 Family of Companies, your partner as your business grows.