Get your data off-site and returned on a scheduled basis.

2-20 Records Management provides Data Rotation to ensure that your media gets off-site on a scheduled basis. You define the schedule, we deliver according to your specific needs. Your information is stored in one of our climate controlled vaults and delivered by one of our 2-20 Records Management drivers. There is no guesswork with a data rotation. Your information is always off-site and a point, click or phone call away if you should need it, 24/7/365.

Data Rotations are scheduled with many methodologies. Some companies will use a complex scheduling with multiple system backups occurring at once such as the Grandfather, Father, Son (GFS) rotation. GFS consists of back ups delivered in the following pattern which covers a monthly, weekly and daily system. The Grandfather represents the monthly back up, the Father the weekly backup, and the Son, the daily back ups. This methodology enables the end user to restore smaller or larger amounts of data dependent on the specific loss. Other common rotation strategies include: The Towers of Hanoi and the Incremental Back Up.

Regardless of complexity, 2-20 Records Management’s sophisticated information management systems will track what media must be picked up and what media needs to be delivered. Each item will be validated upon delivery to guarantee 100% accuracy. System restores require specific media in a sequential order; if a tape for example, is not delivered the restore stops and fails. 2-20 Records Management understands the critical nature of complete accuracy regardless of the data rotation methodology selected. As industry specialists, it is our job to give you what you need, when you need it, without exception. Any less is not acceptable.