Mortgage Document Management and Smart Banking Across the United States

The 2-20 Family of Companies provides affordable and efficient mortgage document management solutions that allow you to have instant access to your entire Customer Loan document and Mortgage portfolio. With our services, your company, or auditors, can have the information they need whenever they want.
Our family is composed of companies throughout the United States, who assists financial institutions with receiving access to any document, in a simple click. Do you need help managing your commercial loan portfolio? Mortgage portfolio? Or how about support documentation, or any other valuable bank information? With our hosting platform, you can have all of this information and more manageable and made available for you. Enjoy having access to your information, via such web-based devices as personal computers, tablets, smart phones or laptops.
As a leading national provider of Mortgage Document Management services, we provide Smart Banking, which helps banks, lenders, and a financial institution organize their documentation more efficiently and provides the ultimate user-end experience with unlimited access. Smart Banking, increasingly becoming popular due to its flexibility, also offers Disaster Recovery and Business Continuation help. Experience the freedom of accomplishing your goals at an affordable and scalable price.

Scanning Solution Built Around Your Needs
Whether you prefer your in-house team or our Digital team handle the scanning process, you have total control. Either way, we want to provide the best scanning solution that is built around your specific needs while ensuring you stay in compliance with regulations.

Create a Searchable Index
When applying our mortgage document management services to your needs, we index your items according to such similar fields as:
Borrower’s Name
Loan #
Loan Date
Loan Type
Loan Section

The 2-20 Family of Companies will create a searchable index that is relevant to your needs. This means that you have the final say in how you want to index your documentation and retrieve it immediately when you need to use it. By having control of your database, you greatly improve overall efficiency while your workflow increases by exponential numbers.

Security and Compliance
Security is essential for your data and documents. We ensure your information, which is hosted, backed-up and replicated, is secure at commercial data centers in different geographical locations. With our Smart Banking solution, an unlimited amount of concurrent users will have individual login credentials and edit & view capabilities. With this feature, you can give limited access to employees or auditors, based on various document types and a user’s access level or credentials. EVENT LOGS, which are used to actively monitor user activity, can be kept for review and compliance.
The 2-20 Family of Companies is available to answer any question you may have. Whether you have questions about banking, loan, or mortgage document solutions, let us build an appropriate solution for your company. Please call 908-203-4634 or email today.