Companies searching for document scanning services can depend on the experts at the 2-20 Family of Companies to provide the solutions they need. Our high-quality scanning services are far more cost-effective than completing the task in-house. Our professional document scanning process uses high-end indexing software and commercial scanners. This enables our specialists to produce superior quality images in a high-speed environment which leaves zero impact on your team or current workflow.

There are multiple issues to consider when considering taking your scanning in-house, such as scanner throughput. Scanner statistics do not take into account the preparation time, or time it takes to load and unload a scanner for every batch of documents. In fact, a scanner that is rated at scanning 60 pages per minute only scans approximately 15-20 pages per minute on an 8 hour shift. And this is when a highly-qualified operator is performing the process. This also does not include indexing time. Investments in equipment, productivity issues and overhead costs are all “true” costs that can affect your company’s bottom line.

At the 2-20 Family of Companies, we make sure you receive document scanning services when you need it from our offices across the United States. We offer safe and secure hosting solutions where you have the ability to access your information via our digital Web repository through any internet connection. Our Web repository uses state-of-the-art technology so your business documents remain safe at all times. You can also choose to have your documents delivered via your favorite media or method of your choice including CD/DVD, portable hard drive, secure FTP, Corporate Network or others.

With 2-20 Family of Companies as your document scanning company you enjoy such great benefits as:

  • No investments for software
  • No start up costs
  • Free set-up for clients
  • Unlimited amount of concurrent users
  • 2-20 Family of Companies will act as a turn-key extension for your staff
  • Compliance-driven digital solutions
  • Secure disaster recovery and business continuation systems…all files will be backed-up and replicated
  • Reduced time and staff expense
  • We also take a smart digital approach with Scan on Demand, where you save money on the expenses of document services on documents that will rarely or never be accessed. Each document is scanned as it is needed. No matter what approach you choose, we will help you meet your overall workflow and goal expectations. We will create a cost-effective document scanning solution that will meet your specific budget.

Before you decide if document scanning should be complete in-house, or through a partnership with 2-20 Family of Companies as your document scanning company, you will need to answer:

  • What is your core business and what generates the most income?
  • Will the added in-house responsibility affect your core business goals?
  • Do you want your staff spending time on scanning, when they could be focusing on more important activities?

After answering these questions, you can begin identifying your digital solution goals and we can begin helping create a solution that meets your budget and expectations.

Call 2-20 Family of Companies today 732-902-2658 or contact us by and regardless of your location, let us do what we do best, take care of all of you document storage services allowing you to focus on your core business and generating increased revenues. Call today and find the 2-20 family member closest to you.