The 2-20 Family of Companies provides complete file conversions with its expert conversion teams coupled with its fully integrated high-speed digital imaging solutions. There is one common parameter in every file conversion: files need to move to the digital world quickly, efficiently and on-budget. File conversions require man power, equipment and expertise. The 2-20 Family of Companies has the expertise and experience to not only complete a file conversion, but our digital imaging solutions keep you on track, within budget and in control, every step along the way in the digital imaging process.

File Conversion Economics
The first impetus for a file conversion is often driven by real estate; businesses complete an analysis of the economics of how they use their physical real estate. They compare the cost of office space used for profit driven business and the amount of space used to store documents on-site. They compare this with the cost of imaging their information and complete file conversion. When the information is imaged, either in its entirety to a select group of the population, valuable real estate can be used for revenue generating functions.

Other scenarios include physicians who need to move to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). These practitioners need to determine the most cost effective method to move their charts to electronic format. They compare the effectiveness of staff using patient face time scanning charts vs. using the 2-20 Family of Companies to scan all of the patient files with a complete digital imaging solution. With the latter, their staff remains patient focused and their EHR software is updated in one batch conversion.

Regardless of the impetus, a fast, efficient paper to electronic file conversion, with complete access to the records throughout the process, remains consistent. The end result is data that is available via any web connection, 24/7/365 through the 2-20 Family of Companies’ On-line Digital Repository and our SmartWeb solution. Fast, efficient, and cost effective that only a the 2-20 Family of Companies back file specialist can provide.

The 2-20 Family of Companies’ National provides you with the option to place your data in our On-line Digital Repository or on CDs, allowing you to upload the information into your internal systems. Digital records allow for data collaboration that is becoming a necessity in this growing global marketplace. Whether you need to review information across a desk or across the country, the 2-20 Family of Companies can image your information, quickly and efficiently. Once digital you can have multiple associates collaborate on a single document in minutes, from Singapore to New York.

Fully Integrated Imaging Solutions
The 2-20 Family of Companies’ sophisticated Records Management Software has a fully integrated Imaging Solution. As documents are scanned, bar code lead sheets identify each document, automatically linking the image with the corresponding reference information. The efficient use of bar code lead sheets reduces labor and increases productivity. The result is a cost effective, efficient imaging solution – two words, cost effective and imaging, not traditionally associated. The end result is a completely searchable data repository of documents. This is another example of the 2-20 Family of Companies Smart Storage Solution®.