Human Resource Records Management It is critical to a human resource department’s success to have relevant documents maintained properly. What would happen if records pertaining to drug testing, resumes, termination, 401k plans, applications, documentations of complaints, resignations, performance reviews, and more were lost? Obviously if some of these documents went missing, your company wouldn’t be in compliance with regulations. This information must be accessible to lawyers, auditors and compliance, as well as internal applications. Maintaining human resource records creates a job function in itself, which can pose a challenge to manpower and internal systems.

With the 2-20 Family of Companies Human Resource Records Management solution, your businesses will be given an affordable paper or digital solution that will increase efficiency, improve workflow, and maintain vital employee documentation. All documentation will be maintained in a searchable database, providing 24/7/365 immediate access from our secure online digital repository. With us taking the lead, your human resource department can focus more clearly on their job function.

Our Human Resource Records Management Solution provides businesses with various benefits including:

  • Immediate access to essential information, greatly improving efficiency
  • Automated workflow · Accuracy in document accessibility greatly increased
  • More time for Human Resource departments to spend on their job functions
  • Digital security and chain of custody tracking improves management of privacy, regulatory compliance and retention · Internal efficiency increased with electronically-searchable archive
  • Organization protected from risks/cost of quickly satisfying requests from auditors

The 2-20 Family of Companies customer-centric scanning solution is specifically designed for Human Resources. A member of our team of specialists will meet with you to determine which fields you want to index in order to create a searchable database. By having a completely searchable database, you will have no problem finding a record, termination file, application, or any other documentation with a point and a click.

If your company is not ready for a completely digital solution, we also offer a paper-based solution and a Scan on Demand solution that provides document delivery from our records center to your in-box, whenever you need it. Regardless of what services you are interested in, we can assist your business with seamlessly combining paper and data solutions into a single hybrid solution. Our solution will allow your Human Resources department to focus on their core job function.

Please call us today 732-902-2658 or email us to learn more about how the 2-20 Family of Companies’ scanning, paper and scan on demand Human Resource Records Management solution.