Point, Click, Access.

The most cost effective approach to digitized media is Scan on Demand. Scan on Demand puts the exact information you need, in your hands, in minutes, paying only for those documents you need to access. Traditionally only a minority of your information is ever accessed. With Scan on Demand you only pay for what you need, saving thousands of dollars in scanning for documents that remain inactive. 2-20 Records Management Scan on Demand is a zero waste 2-20 Records Management Smart Storage Solution®.

Fully Integrated Solution
With 2-20 Records Management’s sophisticated Records Management Software, Scan on Demand is also fully integrated. We have the ability to digitally scan and deliver documents in minutes through a web connection. At any point and time going forward these images can be accessed again, via 2-20 Records Management’s web portal and data repository from your desk top. Scan on Demand gives you the ability to scan what you need, as you need it and retrieve these documents anytime, from anywhere. Scan on Demand is another Smart Storage Solution® from 2-20 Records Management.

Critical Access and Transfer of Information
In extreme circumstances Scan on Demand can provide the key to immediate access of critical information. A patient comes to the Emergency Room. You need a patient’s ‘telemetry’ STAT. In seconds critical patient information can be in the hands of the doctor. In other cases a law firm may request a specific matter number that requires multiple pages for review and collaboration across multiple cities NOW. Scan on Demand puts the information a point and click away, whether the Lawyer is at his desk in New York or visiting the client in Tokyo.