Security threats to your company’s information exist throughout the life-time of a document. 2-20 Records Management can protect your company’s records at the end of this cycle, with 2-20 Records Management’s Secure Document Shredding.

National Secure Document Shredding of On-Site or Off-Site Materials

  • 2-20 Records Management’s chain of custody tracking controls your information from within your offices, or ours, to the physical point of the secure shredding.
  • You have the option to create a Bin Rotation schedule. Locked destruction bins are delivered and picked up from your office on a prearranged schedule. This type of scheduled document destruction, insures information is protected and confidentially destroyed on a consistent basis.
  • 2-20 Records Management’s tracking system identifies the date, time and person who handled your materials, documenting each step taken in the Secure Shredding process.
  • When records stored at 2-20 Records Management’s National location are due for destruction per your pre-set destruction schedule, you will be notified. Upon your final approval, the records will be destroyed, or disposed of, using the 2-20 Records Management complete chain of custody tracking system.

Babaco Vehicle Locking System
When your materials reach our vehicles, you are protected by 2-20 Records Management’s Babaco vehicle locking system. 2-20 Records Management’s Babaco vehicle locking system ensures the vehicles cannot be started unless the key is in the ignition and all doors of the vehicles are locked; another step to provide you an added layer of security.

From any 2-20 Records Management National facility, or your offices, we never unload the secure shredding materials until they reach their destination. At the point of the secure National document shredding location a bonded 2-20 Records Management employee will unload the confidential documents. A member of your organization is welcome to witness the destruction process as a needed in accordance to your internal records management program.

Environmentally Conscious
As an environmentally conscious company, 2-20 Records Management will ensure the paper is shredded, pulverized and ultimately pulped to become new environmentally friendly paper, or other such materials. The final step in any destruction process is to present you with a notarized Certificate of Destruction to confirm the shredding of your confidential documents. 2-20 Records Management manages every step of the Secure Shredding process to ensure you receive an environmentally friendly, risk free destruction solution.

Other Document Destruction Solutions Include:

2-20 Records Management destroys all forms of confidential eWaste material including, but not limited to:
• Hard Drives
• Credit Cards
• Computers
• Monitors
• ID Badges

Bin Rotation
Many companies need a Destruction Bin Rotation, or Scheduled Destruction to insure their information is destroyed on a consistent automated basis.

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