What is eWaste?
The most sensitive items to destroy fall into the category of eWaste also referred to as destruction of the 21st century technology. eWaste destruction includes items such as computers, hard drives, cell phones and even credit cards.

eWaste Represents Insurmountable Risk
The 2-20 Records Management eWaste destruction team has found solutions for eWaste. Keeping electronic waste threatens the security of your company’s most valued assets – information. If one computer disappears, odds are that you wouldn’t identify the loss until it is too late. Your company could be exposed to an insurmountable degree of risk. Keeping hard drives with information on them past their destruction date is the same as retaining unnecessary documents for others to see, or audit at any time. eWaste destruction becomes increasingly important as technology continues to dominate the landscape.

The 2-20 Records Management eWaste Solution
eWaste destruction requires elevated security levels and a degree of expertise in which 2-20 Records Management excels. Every aspect of security is incorporated in the transportation of eWaste including our Smart Lock™ vehicle locking system that ensures 2-20 Records Management vehicles cannot be started unless the “smart key” is in the alarm and all doors are secured. Once at our destruction facility, a bonded 2-20 Records Management Destruction Specialist will unload the vehicle inside the facility and witness as each hard drive is fully degaussed and are pulverized into unrecognizable pieces. The same procedures are done for other eWaste materials.

2-20 Records Management destroys ALL forms of eWaste
2-20 Records Management destroys all forms of confidential eWaste material including, but not limited to:

• Hard Drives
• Credit Cards
• Computers
• Monitors
• ID Badges