SmartWeb®: A web based tool from the 2-20 Family of Companies that allows you to securely manage your off-site inventory via any internet connection.

Managing your information just got easier. With SmartWeb®, point, click and access your off-site document storage inventory with complete security 24/7/365 without ever leaving your desk with any secure internet connection.

Files? Yes.
Images? Yes.
Anything? Yes, anything.

SmartWeb® is user friendly, intuitive and best of all, is a free service the 2-20 Family of Companies provides it`s National client base. SmartWeb®, another Smart Storage Solution® from the 2-20 Family of Companies.

Work Smarter

Eliminate the time spent filling out forms, placing calls and sending faxes in order to procure document boxes, individual files, media and images. You can even add an imaged document from your computer to a file or container in your document storage inventory.

Far beyond name and password, user by user, you define every field, department and function that each of your users can perform. You control access and allocate security levels down to the field and function. SmartWeb® gives you complete access to your information and it is up to you to create the limitations. Security is built in so you can remain efficient and yet protected.

Simply login to SmartWeb® and place your requests for boxes, individual documents, files or media. You can even place orders for materials like document storage boxes. Pick-ups can be scheduled; scanned documents can be viewed or added to your account. Your information is at your fingertips with a seamless connection to your off-site inventory.

SmartWeb® is an essential component of your RIM program leveraging technology to enforce your specified procedures. SmartWeb® is more than just a tool but a RIM compliance control mechanism. With user defined fields, custom reporting, complex search capabilities, the ability to attach document to files, grouping boxes with files, files with documents, creating hierarchies, the power of SmartWeb® is as simple or sophisticated as the needs of your RIM program.