Nationwide Medical Records Storage

From creation to destruction, hard copy or digital, the 2-20 Family of Companies can provide complete Smart Storage Solutions® to handle all of your medical records needs. Seamlessly combining paper and digital medical record storage into one HIPAA compliant solution, the 2-20 Family of Companies will build a medical record solution around your individual needs. Why are healthcare institutions choosing the 2-20 Family of Companies again and again? Our Smart Storage Solutions® are compliant, complete and cost effective, often 30% or more less than existing vendors. Visit our Healthcare Success Stories to learn more.

Companies across the country rely on the 2-20 Family of Companies to assist with even their biggest challenges involved in making the switch from paper-based patient medical charts to electronic health records (EHR). Benefits include:

1. Addressing issues involving legacy inventory, including those associated with paper medical patient charts stored at in-house and off-site at a commercial records center.
2. Managing the retention schedules and destruction dates of patient medical charts across multiple systems: EHR Systems/In-House Records Centers/Off-site Records Centers.
3. Paper chart to digital imaging conversion and uploaded to EHR system.
4. Patient information abstraction from scanned charts and the upload of “meaningful” information to your EHR system.
5. Blending paper and digital solutions into a single HIPAA compliant Medical Record Solution.

Healthcare Records Management

Clinics, practices, and hospitals of any size can benefit from healthcare records management delivered by one of the 2-20 Family of Companies. Healthcare practices need to stay up-to-date on the latest regulations as medical records management requirements continue to evolve. As a trusted partner of healthcare organizations, we can ensure you are in compliance with the latest regulations.

As one of the leading medical records storage companies with locations throughout the United States, the 2-20 Family of Companies offers a complete Healthcare Records Management solution. We systematically manage information through our proprietary Smart Storage Solutions® to validate for accuracy and provide cross platform/service integration. We are also committed to providing simple, easy to read invoices that allow you to know EXACTLY what you are paying for every month with the ability to project a year in advance. With the 2-20 Family of Companies you will receive the expert service as well as the tailored program you need to meet your budget.

To learn additional information on medical records storage, or to find out if our solutions are right for you, please feel free to contact the 2-20 Family of Companies today at 732-902-2658. Our specialists will be happy to give you more information on our document or digital solutions, or the hybrid of the two with a custom analysis that allows you to begin saving money today.