The 2-20 Family of Companies can provide proven results including improved workflow, increased compliance and seven-digit savings for many of our medical customers. How? With our Digital Medical Records Storage solutions. Our systematic approach addresses your historic legacy files, on-site and off-site, as well as creates custom day forward digital approach that seamlessly blends all of your medical records into one HIPAA compliant digital solution.
Your specifications are addressed as we build a custom program of chart indexing, including:
  • Folder / Patient level
  • Section / Tab level
  • Document Type level
The Smart Medical Records Digital Solution, backed by proprietary Smart Storage Solutions®, follows a four-step process that guarantees 100% accuracy.
An excerpt of our four step Smart Medical Process:
  1. ASSESS: Your current storage solutions The 2-20 Family of Companies Smart Medical Process
  2. SCAN & INDEX:Our team will ensure accuracy when packing, prepping, indexing and taking inventory via our Smart Storage Solutions®.
  3. ABSTRACTION:Our experienced medical team will work with your abstractors to identify crucial data needed for compliance.
  4. INTEGRATION: After preparing your Abstracted Data, we will import the information into your EHR system so it is available to you and your staff. Integration also includes updating and tying existing “paper” patient chart profiles to each patient EHR (whether in-house or off-site storage).
Smart Medical Records Digital Solution Provides Medical Clients with Compliance
 Management and Value Legacy Patient Medical Records Storage
  • We address our clients’ “legacy” issues with a 100% accurate inventory.
  • We use your database and patient information and update it immediately when a patient profile is changed in the EHR system.

Medical Chart Scanning & Indexing

  • Improves staff productivity by providing quick and easy access to patient information.
  • Allows for reallocation of space for patient support services and revenue generating activities.
  • Costs for lost and/or misplaced medical files reduced and eliminated.

Clinical Data Entry and Patient Information Abstraction

  • Compliance requirements reached faster, shortening the time to get reimbursement.
  • Patient Care increased and improved.
  • By having all of your patient data digitalized and readily available, you can capitalize on your EHR system.
The 2-20 Family of Companies’ Smart Medical Record Digital solution assists our clients with achieving their financial goals through integration of our proprietary Smart Storage Solutions®, best practices, latest technologies and our team’s combined years of experience. To speak with one of our specialists, and to learn more about Smart Storage Solutions® , call 908-203-4634 or email